Summer playlist |2017

Hi babes. This is  my playlist for summer 2017. As you can see, I like a lot of French music, hahah. Some songs between them are Dutch, because I’m from The Netherlands (duuh) All these songs give me the summer vibes, though the summer is unfortunately almost over This one is actually my favorite summer jam […]

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How to: Slay your exams

Hello besties! The exams have started and that is of course super exciting. For a lot of girls, they are almost on the doorstep: the final exams. No worries, you have already learned so much the last few years that this also you will succeed. Especially if you use these tips

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Health challenge

One year ago I joined the health challenge with many of my readers. Now I’m no longer as healthy more concerned and I eat super unhealthy these days. I want to change that!

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