10 facts about me

Hi everyone and welcome on my blog. I wrote a while in  Dutch on my previous blog and then I found suddenly an idea to  blog in English. So here i am. For me its  important that my readers know me because I’m the face and the mind of this blog. So here are some facts about me to know me better.




I want no tattoos but i like tattoos, the reason is i’m scared. I hate needles so much!


I love to dance. I dance  everywhere i am. At school, at home, while showering or just on the street. I especially love kizomba. But i can’t dance, haha.


I don’t like cookies, except chocolate cookies.


I have two little brothers and two little sisters. They are so annoying but i love them so much. The youngest is 10 months and he’s is my little best friend, haha.


I am afraid of dogs and especially little dogs, i don’t know why.


I love Chanel and Ted Baker. And especially the bags, i just love it.


I am a clumsy person.
I’m super awkward and do the weirdest things ever, and its not funny anymore, haha.


I wear always heels, i love them so much, It’s nice and feminine! The reason is I’m small (1.58) so I want to look longer


Lindsey Wixson is my role model. She  inspired me every day with her beautiful style.


I would like to have  my own clothing line in the future. That dream I have since I was a kid and it is still my biggest dream.


I love kick boxing.
I went in an association because my love for kick boxing was super big. Muhammad Ali was my inspiration and he inspired me everyday.


I’m a perfectionist.





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