7 Realistic nightmares that only women understand

How much fun we also find it to be busy with our style, there are also less cute lace. As for example this 7 nightmares that only women understand, which we hope they never come true.

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                     1. A bird that poops on your head. On a good hair.


2. All day walking around with lipstick on your teeth and not figure it out.


3. Wearing a white pants on the first day of your period.


4. Touching something accidentally after you did your nails.


5. Touching accidentally your hot flat iron. Auwtch!


6. forget to brush your teeth in the morning.


When your make-up seated properly, and then suddenly rains.

8 gedachten over “7 Realistic nightmares that only women understand

  1. Hahahaha, I actually laughed out loud at this. The period one…oh man, I’m still terrified to wear white pants for fear of that randomly happening. And the bird poop? The day my dad met my mom’s parents for the first time a bird flew over him and pooped on his head right before they pulled up in their car. Talk about a nightmare.

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