Back 2 school/ college tips

It’s hard to believe but schools are starting and it’s the time of a lot of homework and getting up early, haha. It is also hard if you go to a new school or college, and you don’t know no one. So time to make new friends, right?



One of the most important is to make sure that you dress in something you feel  good.  Spend some extra time to and believe me, you look much more secure!  You make a first impression only once! 🙂


Also your posture is very important. If you are always on your phone and looking down. It becomes difficult to make new friends. This attitude will also still closed for people.  Upright, shoulders back and a big smile on your face attracts many more people!


If you are in a new class , it’s smart to talk with as many people as possible. You don’t have to be best friends right away, but just so you know immediately who is nice and who you can ask for help if you either get your homework.


It is also nice to have a homework partner, ask a classmate to help you with your homework. And so you learn to know each other. It is very helpful if you struggle with your homework like me, haha.

               GIVE COMPLIMENTS

I think everyone likes compliments, so  give others compliments if they do something right. Or if one of your classmates is wearing a beautiful skirt. It is very kind to give others compliments, and people see your kindness. That is a nice way to make  impression on the others.

I hope these little tips help you out this semester. Good luck and let’s rock this semester together.


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