Favorite fashionista: Lillylikecom

What I like about blogging is that you can inspire people, but you also can be inspired. There are many amazing bloggers who inspire me everyday. One of them is the amazing Lilia from lily-like.com.  She has the beauty and  the brains. lets talk about my favorite fashion blogger.


I follow her blog  since I started blogging. I always liked to read her blog articles and to watch her vlogs. The more times I visited her blog or youtube channel, how greater I found her and her blog, haha.
What I find so inspiring about her is that she is always  so motivated, that is the reason why i like to watch her law school vlogs.
She has an amazing fashion style, her style is so femine and chic, love it! Her outfits are always flawless, and her photos on point.
This girl has the beauty and the brains and she learns me to do everthing with passion.



Who is your favorite blogger?


33 gedachten over “Favorite fashionista: Lillylikecom

  1. Such a great blogger! Nice to see you supporting fellow bloggers. I would also love if you could take a minute to check out my blog for more lifestyle tips. leematic.wordpress.com thank you !

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