Winter skincare + routine

During the winter your skin deserves some extra care to look just as radiant as in winter. The winter is cold and not always very kind to your skin. In the middle of the winter it feels as if your regular face care is not enough. Your skin may feel dry and tight.
Unfortunately, it still takes a while before the sun shine again and again your face will light up. Here are my tips!



Use a cleansing oil

cleaning is  good for your face. The oil ensures that the dirt and makeup from your face is easy to remove and will feel soft to your skin after washing without the fat.

Deep-clean in the evening

On very cold days it is sufficient for the morning with a cotton pad and a tonic to cleanse your face. But, remember that it is very important for  your skin to clean in the evening .

Scrub dead skin cells

When your skin is dry, this is a sign that you should remove the dead skin cells. An enzyme exfoliation is milder for the face and ‘ eat ‘ away dead skin cells without harming the rest of your face

Use day and night cream

If you’re in the winter also wants to keep your skin in good condition, it is advisable to use a day and night cream for your skin type. Day cream nourishes dry skin while night cream sensitive skin soothes

Sleep 8 hours

The fact is that you there just looks better if you sleep 8 hours every night. In this way, your body and restore your skin. Sleep is very important for your skin!

Scrub your lips

Our lips are the most sensitive piece of skin of our face. Therefore, it is important also to take your lips in your winter facial skin care. You can scrub your lips with honey and sugar for amazing results.

Pamper your face

Pamper your skin every now and then. A facial mask is always nice, but in the winter it can no hurt to your skin care routine with for example a hydrating mask. Do this preferably once a week. Scrub the skin first of all so that all the dead skin cells are removed and then lubricate the face in with a nourishing mask.


My winter skincare routine is not that difficult. I use almost every day the same products and i wanted to share these products with you guys, cause i love them and i think you guys would love them too.
I remove my make-up with  Garnier Skin Naturals Micellair, i have a sensitive skin and this cleanser is just so good for my skin. I also use  cleaning lotion. The delicate skin around the eyes and takes care of the eyelashes. The formula removes water soluble mascara and is enriched with provitamin B5. I don’t scrub my face every day. I scurb once in a week. I scrub my face with Biodermal Face Gel and wash it off. After scrubbing my face i like to use a face mask from Lush, i use Don’t look at me mask. It is literally so good for your skin! I love to do a DIY sometimes and to make my own face mask, and i use honing, banana and yogurt for a soft baby face, haha.
To finish my skincare routine i use L’Oréal Paris Double care day creme, i use the creme sometimes in the night cause it is just heaven for your skin.


Which product is your favorite?



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  1. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellair is my favorite but I think I will buy also L’Oréal Paris Double care day creme. I think lately my skin is so dry… during the winter. I have to do something. Thanks for the tips!!! 🙂

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