Health challenge

One year ago I joined the health challenge with many of my readers. Now I’m no longer as healthy more concerned and I eat super unhealthy these days. I want to change that!

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Okay babes. I must admit that I lately  eat super unhealthy  and don’t do work outs anymore.  I feel like I lost my rhythm and I want to  change that.  One year ago i did the health challenge on my Dutch blog with many of my readers. It was fun and i changed my lifestyle, amazing!

By school and internship I have little time to work out. But still I’ll try to work out twice a week because I’ve been way too busy. I know people that are 5 times a week at the gym and I have a lot of respect for them!
I also want to pay attention to eat healthy. I am very much addicted to pizza, Oreo and chocolate. Although I do not want to be as strict for me. I will try to not eat pizza anymore, haha.
I will share some health food with you guys so stay tuned. Also i wanted to share my work out routine, i get a lot of questions about my work out routine lately and i wanted to share with you.

The deadline of this challenge is  3 May 2017

Lets get the summer body together babes and join in!


What do you guys think?


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