How to: Slay your exams

Hello besties!
The exams have started and that is of course super exciting.
For a lot of girls, they are almost on the doorstep: the final exams. No worries, you have already learned so much the last few years that this also you will succeed. Especially if you use these tips

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                                           Make a list

make a handy checklist. Write everything on what you have to do and in what order.  If you make a checklist,  you know what you should do and what you all have done.


                                             Clean your desk

A cleaned desk makes every study afternoon a lot better. Make sure you clean your desk every study session so your head is clean too, lol.



                                              Get off of your phone

leads your phone you actually especially, don’t you think? Therefore, make sure that you while learning not in the near vicinity. Put your phone in another room or give it to your parents. Then you’re really in no time ready with that boring job.



There is no point to two hours at night to learn. Insufficient sleep can namely also for stress. Therefore go to bed on time and set your alarm clock at a set time.


                                     Eat your favorite food

Did you know that some snacks can help you relax? According to several scientists is dark chocolate the best medicine against exam stress! In this yummy stuff is amino acid tryptophan. This speck of dust will send your happiness hormones and ensures that you feel happy at all.


                                   Pamper yourself

I know how hard it is to relax during your exams. But pampering yourself can help you dealing with stress and that kind of stuff.
Just put an amazing mask on your face, take a bath, drink green tea ( i’m a huge fan of green tea, anyway. lol) Just relax and take a me-time. Girl, you gotta need it and you will slay your exams..

Do you guys have exams too?



7 gedachten over “How to: Slay your exams

  1. Nevertheless, exams are just a history for me; I want to admint that sleep is really really important. Reading books till the sunrise is not effective as we wish it to be. Tired brains are not helpful 🙂

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