Life update / Busy busy


Hello besties!

How are you guys?
Well, it is being a while but i am back with an another post. I wanted to share little things that are happing in my life with you guys, so read more!

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First of all, i missed blogging so much and reading all the cute comments that i get from you guys. Blogging is definitely my obsession and hobby right know, haha.
It was a little bit of chaos in my life and I didn’t know how I had to combine blogging with my personal life. School has his own priorities and  I wanted  to do fun thing with my friends and family. So i had no time for blogging

                                  exams and stress

I am most worried about my exams yet. My exams start in two weeks and if I’m honest, I have not learned for my exams. I have no motivation and have extreme concentration problems lately. But i have little tricks to concentrate and i hope it works.



                                        Going to London. Yaay!

As you know, my sister lives in London for two years.
Last Friday, she was all of a sudden for the door as surprise and what was it fun!
After my Graduation i’m going to London for like two weeks and relax before school starts.

                                  Work work work

I’m going to also work in the summer for extra money so i can buy a lot of clothes and make up, haha.



                    I’m going to change my blog

My favorite exiting news i like to tell, lol.
It is crazy that i am almost blogging two years. TWO YEARS! I am a person that dislikes things very fast. So the day i started blogging i never thought i would do this long, but it is my passion.
I think i’m going to change little things about LaDolceNina. Just simple things like the Lay out and topics.


15 gedachten over “Life update / Busy busy

  1. Ahw I know you feel, I suck at combining blogging with my personal and working life… Especially when I’m having exams. And I’m also not so good at finding motivation or concentration when studying. What helped me was going to study at the library instead of at home. Good luck babe and have so much fun in London! Oooooh eeeeennn ik zie nu dat je Nederlands bent *facepalm*, haha succes meid!

    Love, Layla Rosita | 

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