How to: Glow up for summer

Hello besties!
It is time for our favorite season: Summer.
In this post i want to give you guys some tips and tricks that will help you to get the flawless skin for summer.

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Your skin is different in the summer than in the winter. By the higher temperature in the summer is your skin oilier and you can so better not use the rich moisturizer that you used in the winter if your skin is drier. The heat in combination with a fatter moisturizer can make you suffer from rashes and pimples.


Exfoliate every day after you’ve been on the beach. It feels might like you scrubt off your Tan, but what you actually do is remove the dead skin cells. Think of it as adding layers, you literally builds your colour up and thereby keep your Tan longer. exfoliation for a nice glow on your skin.


Your skin dries out in the Sun, that’s a fact. So give your skin some extra love and that means: moisturize! Your skin long probably to moisture. Drink lots of water and spread a fine cream.


Skip your normal body wash and shower with a nourishing shower oil.

Use a nourishing creams based on vitamins

Especially vitamin A (retinol) is important. Vitamin A is an antioxidant protecting the skin. The skin becomes less sensitive and is recovering faster. Especially as you get older, slows down the process of innovation. The replacement of dead skin cells is slower. Die more cells than there can be created. The skin becomes thinner, dries out and the first wrinkles appear. Also keeps the skin elastic collagen production decreases and the skin becomes weaker. However, vitamin A stimulates the production of skin cells and collagen production. The result is a tighter and more compact skin.

Pamper yourself

Like i always say: Pamper yourself!
Scrub your face and put a good mask on. I always use the Freeman Facial Clay Mask in the summer.  This Clay mask with added vitamin E removes  dirt and cleanses the pores and leaves the skin clean and soft.




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